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Founders Marta Stattmiller and Tamalin srisook talk about SCS Vol.4 Empowered Women Empower Women in april 2017



Thursday October 5th   7-9PM   Quilt Home, Venice CA 

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better." - Samuel Beckett

This Beckett quote has become the darling catch phrase of the tech industry. It is OK to fail, it tells us, just get right back up on that horse.

What this quote doesn't detail, however, is the pain, anxiety and challenges associated with failure. How do you pick yourself up off the ground and get going again? What is the emotional toll that failure takes on the system?

Please join GeekGirl & Savoir Collab in a real & honest conversation with three impressive women who pioneered the tech industry while dealing with failure and setbacks. Learn how tenacity, courage and perseverance has guided them through their journey.  Guest Panelists will include: Alex Moroch, Co-Founder of DWELR , Annie Luchsinger, Former Founder of Meet Grace  & Hala Al Adwin, VP of Technology of Signal Sciences Corp

Hosted by Quilt. Lite bites and Wine provided.  

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ReBoot LA + Savoir Collab
presents  EMPOW(HER) 

"She remembered who she was and the game changed"                - Lalah Delia
Savoir Collab has partnered up with ReBoot LA, an accelerator for women, to share a special night with you. No matter how each woman balances family & career there is something empowering when we see our reflection in each other. Tonight we inspire you to Empow-her as the woman today and the woman tomorrow.
Join us for drinks, bites, shopping and a fireside chat with some truly amazing women!  Panel discussion will be moderated by Heather Brooker, Emmy Award Winning Writer & Founder of  Motherhood in Hollywood  Blog & Podcast.  Guest Panelists will include Brittney Castro, Founder of Financially Wise Women , Amy Tan, Founder of, and Anne- Marie O'Neill, Co Founder of Mom.Me  & General Manager at Whalerock Industries.  

Event hosted by ReBoot LA & all purchases at Theory will be 25% off. Wine and Small Bites provided.  


SCS Vol. 9: Beauty Beneath   

Beauty beneath the skin is only as deep as you go. Get deep with us and our diverse panelists as they share how to live in the essence of beauty by redefining social norms, expectations, and definitions.
Lets redefine beauty together.

We are honored to have Allie Pohl, Artist & Creator of  Ideal Woman
, Rachel McCord, Founder of  The McCord List , and Sophie Jaffe, Founder of  Philosophie  explore this topic with us. 
Join us and moderator Harmonie Krieger of Pop Your Shop for an intimate gathering at  Harper Salon on Melrose on Wednesday September 13th from 7-9pm. 

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SCS Vol. 8: Women For Women  

This month in honor of Women's Equality Day we are highlighting some amazing Femalepreneurs who have created social communities to lift and encourage women to live to their highest potential. Hear their inspirations and how they ignited their inner voice and turned them into business models that elevate women to live to their highest selves. We are thrilled to be highlighting  Alex Wehrley, Founder of EmpoweristaAshley Sumner, Co-Founder of Quilt Christina Topacio, Founder of JIG + SAW , and Jessie May, Founder of Heartrise Movement .
Please join Savoir Agency and moderator Harmonie Krieger of Pop Your Shop for an intimate gathering at Industrious in DTLA on August 23rd  from 7-9pm.  




SCS Vol. 7: Summer Sweat + Social

This month SCS teamed up with Athleta to celebrate the summer and dedicate this series to women's fitness and wellness! The event will kick off with a high intensity, calorie burning POUND Fit Workout class taught by CEO & Co-Founder Kirsten Potenza and our energetic Moderator Harmonie Krieger of Pop Your Shop! After class Harmonie will lead a fireside chat with Kirsten and Carina Wolff, Health & Wellness Author and Founder of Kale Me Maybe, where they'll share their inspirations, recipes, and approach to nutrition and wellness. Come get sweaty, socialize, and celebrate the summer with us!  

Equipment & Refreshments provided! Special thanks to One Hope Wine, H2 Rose, Coco Community, Quest Bar,  Pressed Juicery, Pixi Beauty, and Athleta for graciously sponsoring this event.


SCS Vol. 6: Female Firstarters

This month we are honoring women that ignite from the fires in their bellies, the Female Firestarters.  These women felt so passionate about an idea and compelled to bring it to fruition that they fearlessly ignored doubters and nay sayers and persevered to see their mission through. 
We are thrilled to have the following stellar women on our panel: 
Jordan Younger, Founder of The Balanced Blonde  
Marina Curry, Founder of BeautyCon
Sarah Pendrick, Founder of GirlTalk Network 
Please join Savoir Agency and moderator Harmonie Krieger of Pop Your Shop for an intimate gathering at PUMP in West Hollywood on June 21st from 7-9pm.


SCS Vol. 5: Feminine Mystique 2017

Join us for a conversation with modern day women as they live the Feminine Mystique in 2017. The feminine mystique is the false notion that a woman’s role in society is to be a wife, mother and housewife- nothing else.  We are honored to have My Nguyen of My Healthy Dish, Lisa Jammal of Social Intelligence Agency Lisa Party of Three, Sharzad Kiadeh of Luxlyfe and The SASS, Maria Hunt of Unicorn Moms & Unicon 2017and Sarah Gibbons of Conscious Working Mama.  Please join Savoir Agency, Vignette Productions and moderator Harmonie Krieger of Pop Your Shop for an intimate dialogue with complimentary lite bites  by TBLA Caters, sweet treats by Model Baker, and refreshments from Dulce Vida Tequila, Suja Juice, ONEHOPE Wine and Mountain Valley Spring Water. We'll be hosting this series at the Savoir Agency HQ in Hancock Park on Monday 5/22 from 6:30pm- 8:30pm.  

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SCS Vol. 4: Empowered Women Empower Women 

For the month of April we decided Empowered Women Empower Women would be the perfect theme. As more female business owners are on the rise,we wanted to take the time to highlight powerful women that are on our radar. We were honored to have Brittney Castro of Financially Wise Women, Sheeva Sairafi of Local+ LejosLauren Mc Goodwin of Career Contessa, and Jaime Nack of Women In Green Forum as our guest panelists. As always, the panel was led by the vivacious Harmonie Krieger of Pop Your Shop and held at STK West Beverly Hills.  Guests were able to connect with other fantastic women over complimentary curated cocktails and lite bites.  


SCS Vol. 3:  History in the Making w/ Peggy Noland 

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we were thrilled to feature female-preneur Artist/Fashion Designer Peggy Noland, a Kansas native woman who is MAKING history.  Held at the BOLD Space in DTLA, moderator Harmonie Krieger of Pop Your Shop dived into the fascinating world that Peggy has created. From her loudly bright expressions that come to life through an immersive shopping experience at her Echo Park brick & mortar Wacky Wacko, to her collaboration with MOCA TV and most recent cameo in Sophia Amoruso’s book, Nasty Galaxy. We’ll discuss Peggy’s influences, upcoming projects, and how she has stayed truly authentic to her foundation & roots. 



SCS Vol 2: Heartrise Movement

For the month of Love we invited Jessie May to lead us in her  Heart Rise Movement circle. The gathering consisted of a talk on how to activate and live from your heart center. When we create movement in our heart chakra, the 4th chakra, we are able to live from our purest space. The heart center is a spiritual place where no hurt exists. When your heart chakra is open, you are flowing with love and compassion, you are quick to forgive, and you accept others and yourself. A closed heart chakra can give way to grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward yourself and others.


SCS Vol 1: Intution and Mindfulness in the New Year

We kicked off our very first SCS at Hyperslow in Los Angeles. The theme for January was Intuition & Mindfulness in the New Year lead by The Daily Practice Founder Amanda Gilbert.   Harmonie Krieger, Founder of Pop Your Shop, was our insightful & always entertaining moderator!  Guests were treated to a guided mediation session as well as tips for balance & calm in their busy life.  The energy & inspiration was so moving that we're still receiving feedback from women eager for the next session. SCS is so grateful for the positive response & an evening spent with such amazing women!

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Intuition and Mindfulness in the New Year with Amanda Gilbert at Hyberslow 

Intuition and Mindfulness in the New Year with Amanda Gilbert at Hyberslow 

The Feminine Mystique at the Savoir Agecny HQ 

The Feminine Mystique at the Savoir Agecny HQ 

Heartrise Movement with Jessie May at The Quest 

Heartrise Movement with Jessie May at The Quest 

Empowered Women Empower Women at STK 

Empowered Women Empower Women at STK 

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