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Savoir Collab Issue:2 "We All Make Mistakes"

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Musical brainchild of Terraplane Sun’s Johnny Zambetti and Ben Rothbard, The Palms are a chameleon act connecting the dots between the likes of hip hop, indie folk, and pop. 

With sleek vocals melodies and mellow guitars backed by solid hip hop inspired beats, the band offers an alluring ambience to an otherwise raucous city. Hailing from Los Angeles, Rothbard and Zambetti have successfully captured the essence of the Angeleno spirit. 

The duo writes, performs, and produces all of their music; an attitude congruent with the Los Angeles 'do it yourself’ atmosphere. Originally performing with the indie pop outfit Terraplane Sun known for its hit single ‘Get Me Golden’, the two have since explored alternative musical aesthetics and have conjoined their love for different iconic genres to create The Palms. 

The Palms music video for their new song titled “Future Love (We All Make Mistakes)" premiered on January 13th exclusively on Interview Magazine.

By: Tiana Jimenez