“A woman is another woman’s natural ally.” - Nana Ghana
“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Today, in honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating two women whose unbounded creativity and independence inspires us. Nana Ghana and Lisa Reider are LA-based artists with global roots, making trailblazing work across a number of mediums, including film, painting, poetry, and performance art. Their bold personal style is equally complex and captivating, expressing each woman’s individuality and refusing to conform to any single category.

Both women have successfully built dynamic lives and careers of their own design, choosing to pursue projects that reflect their own interests rather than what’s expected or trendy. Not surprisingly, the theme of identity and self-expression shows up frequently in their work and conversations about their work.

Lisa Reider has boldly stated “I must simply create what I want to create, when I want to create it” and often appears as the subject of her paintings and photographs. She also recently completed a series of performance pieces in Paris investigating how social media influences action and self-image, including one where she took one step forward on a busy street for every “like” she received on Instagram. 

Nana Ghana was involved in a film titled “LA Woman Rising,” an eclectic portrait of 50 women across the city as they go about their morning routines. The film showcases each woman’s strength, struggles, and personality, while highlighting the common experiences that unite them. Nana is a passionate advocate for women working together and supporting each other, which extends to a number of collaborations with strong female creators, such as Stella McCartney.

Nana and Lisa will be hosting the launch of Wild Woman Sessions, a select gathering of LA’s most influential female artists, entrepreneurs, tastemakers, pioneers and aesthetes. The event will take place on a beautiful rooftop in West Hollywood - an open space in one of the city’s most vibrant creative hubs. The Wild Woman Sessions will celebrate strong and passionate women who are willing to boldly lead the way forward, both in their own lives and on behalf of women everywhere.