Savoir (Sahv-Wahr)
V. French: To Know


We / Know

We know that creating live experiences connect you to your consumers. Solid event strategy yields optimal results, maximizes exposure, aligns strategic partnerships that ultimately maximizes your investments.

We / Create

We create experiential events that align storytellers, influencers and creates connection to your audience. Experiential is a living embodiment, a center for your brand. By inviting them inside your world, you are creating relationships & community both online and offline. An experiential program is a way to bring humans in, make them a part of your brand and ultimately garner invaluable content that can be used across all verticals.

We / Collaborate

We collaborate with our agency clients and strategic relationships to provide you beneficially mutual partnerships. Collaborations are a way to tap into new audiences, leverage multiple channels, provide new avenues for exposure, and ultimately provide you a more cost-effective campaign where ROI is measured and the potential to drive sales increase.

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Tamalin Srisook Polo


Tamalin Srisook Polo, Founder of Savoir Agency and Savoir Collab, began her career in the interior design industry in the early 2000’s, which lead to her serving on event committees for ASID and IIDA. She produced events for design & lifestyle publications like Architectural Digest, Angeleno Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine that featured industry giants like Cloudagh and Barbara Barry.

Soon after, as a single mom of a toddler, she embraced her entrepreneurial instincts and launched her own agency, Presence Entertainment, an experiential event production company that catered to global brands. Presence clients included Lionsgate, Fox, Ogilvy & Mather, Buzzmedia, Blue Shield, Unilever & Cirque du Soleil.

In 2012, Tamalin produced her first large-scale influencer event, known as Beautycon, which continues today as the world's premiere fashion, beauty & lifestyle destination for fans, brands, and creators. That opened the door to become Global Programs Manager at the YouTube Space LA in 2013.

Her depth of experience with activating influencers led to founding Savoir Agency in 2017, harnessing “best of practices” in event production, event and experiential strategy, event marketing, and strategic collaborations.

She believes that she can share this valuable knowledge to help empower her fellow female-centric brands, companies, and communities. She has aligned her personal purpose with her career accomplishments to create Savoir Collab, an event series that highlights female trailblazers that inspire all women. Coined “the boys club made of women,” she is lending her hand to future generations + seasoned professionals. Her community has grown to over 2,000 women and hundreds of brand partners.

Tamalin believes that when you align with your true mission, advocates will be drawn to you and what you stand for, which in turn, will be reflected back into the community and evoke growth and change in the world.

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