TAMALIN SRISOOK, Founder of Savoir Agency

CEO and Founder of Savoir Agency, Tamalin Srisook co-founded her first experiential events & marketing company in Los Angeles, Presence Entertainment as a single mother in 2004. Shortly after launching Presence, she opened a satellite office in NYC and began orchestrating events with over 300 independent contractors across the US for brands such as Lionsgate, Fox, Ogilvy & Mathers, Buzzmedia, Blue Shield, Unilever & Cirque du Soleil. In 2012, she was hired to produce the offline & online event, Beautycon, which lead her into a position on the global programs team at the YouTube Space LA in 2013. When she’s not crafting and connecting opportunities, she lives in Downtown Los Angeles with her husband and fur person Asia while her daughter attends Columbia College Chicago for audio engineering.

It’s been said that single parents make the best entrepreneurs - they take risks, multi-task and usually work with a limited budget. As a mother, female activist and veteran entrepreneur I launched Savoir Agency to support women-led businesses and inspire them to step into their greatness. At Savoir we are dedicated to creating lasting bonds between our clients and their customers based on authenticity and a desire to connect on a human level. I’m extremely fortunate to be able to carve a career that aligns with my core values of empowering women despite of age, race, educational background, region or status. My mission is to create opportunities for true collaboration in which my daughter and future generations of women can benefit from to reach farther than they ever thought possible. All women can soar when they support each other.

 Tamalin Srisook

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