Stephanie Kim #WomenWhoKnow


Name: Stephanie Kim

Location: HQ is in Los Angeles but I personally split my time between LA and Seattle

Company/Brand: Moonlit Skincare

IG Handle / Website: @moonlitskincare/

How did your company/brand come to be? 

My first dive into the beauty industry was as one of the first interns at Birchbox. Before co-founding Moonlit with my best friend Kriszta (we were roommates at Parsons School of Design), I worked for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, Obliphica, and L’Oréal -owned Kérastase and Shu Uemura.

In college, the combination of stress and late nights wreaked havoc on our skin and sleep routines. We searched for a simple nighttime solution, but only found mysterious “night” creams with high price points (mostly for an older demographic) and generic packaging that looked terrible on our nightstands.

It was clear to us that the most restorative hours for skin were an after-thought in the beauty industry. After working years at various design agencies and beauty brands, we decided to join forces and create Moonlit Skincare.

Since launching, the brand has been praised by Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, POPSUGAR, Marie Claire, and listed as CEW's "Indie Brands to Watch." Find it at You can also find us at select Urban Outfitters stores and


Dream Collaboration: Casper Mattress

Fav Podcast: This American Life, The Indicator, Planet Money, and The Savage Lovecast

Fav Restaurant: I’m a bit low-brow with food. I like The Meatball Shop in NYC, Pam’s Kitchen in Seattle, and Terry Black’s BBQ in Austin. In LA, you can’t go wrong with Sonoratown and Palm Grove for Ethiopian food.

Fav Hotel: Rosewood in DC, Fairmont Heritage in SF, The Thompson in Seattle, and Ubud Aura Retreat in Bali

Words to live by: Be braver earlier.

Biggest Vice: Chik-fil-a!

What has been your best collaboration success?

We have executed a variety of events but we really loved working with The Thompson Hotel for a Bed + Breakfast event specifically because it was a true collaboration. '

We co-hosted a beauty day, showcasing local brands, offering cryo-facials, blowouts, styling, cupping, B12 shots, calligraphy demos, botanically-inspired drinks, a beautiful breakfast buffet, and a wellness panel. The hotel was looking to add more hands-on programming so we helped bring in a robust, engaged, local audience. The added partnership with local companies was also an incredible way to boost everyone’s visibility and feel like we were all a team.  

Share with us one story of grit as a female entrepreneur:

When Moonlit Skincare launched at Urban Outfitters, many asked, "How did you make that happen?" I usually reply, with a reluctant shrug, “Time.” 

If you want to know the nitty-gritty details about this deal, over the course of 18 months, my co-founder Kriszta and I kept potential retailers updated with new launches, press hits, and events –even if we heard crickets from them. Eventually, they noticed, realized we were onto something, were here to stay and put the work in. 

Who is the girl crush that you aspire to be like?

My grandmother. She’s 87 and golfing and practicing yoga regularly. She always said enthusiastic motivation can run its course but discipline will carry you through to the finish line.

What kinds of conversations are you having with your peers about growing your business?

For us, we’ve been talking to a lot of our peers about mastering international shipping, strategizing our marketing plan in Canada, and seeing what we can focus in on our keywords for Amazon. 

A key part of success is building strong, professional relationships. What practices do you use to cultivate them with your colleagues?

Keep your word and follow through. Also, I love connecting people with others. I’m an open book with putting people in touch with vendors and other brands. 

What’s in store for 2019?

We’re launching with two really exciting national retailers in the fall and winter so stay tuned. We’re also releasing a new product that is a 2-in-1 sleep spray AND refreshing toner. 

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